The Carbon TAX Scam

The Carbon TAX Scam

CO2 Tax

caruba_alan20080111By Alan Caruba ~Scam Alert

In a recent appearance before a congressional committee, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told them that the agency’s proposed sweeping carbon-regulation plan was “really an investment opportunity. This is not about pollution control.”

If the plan isn’t about pollution, the primary reason for the EPA’s existence, why bother with yet more regulation of something that is not a…

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Is The EPA Really Interested In Your Criticism?

Is The EPA Really Interested In Your Criticism?

EPA Sign Mini

Loris_NickBy Nicolas Loris ~


Activists gather outside of the EPA building in Washington, D.C. before a hearing. (Photo: The Sierra Club/Creative Commons)

Americans will get to have their say on the Environmental Protection Agency and its proposed regulation to fight climate change this week.

The agency will hold public hearings in four cities to fulfill its promise to get stakeholder input and let everyday…

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Israeli Question

shulsit Master

yak3A Dry Bones Cartoon ~

D14730_1It is a serious question.
…to be answered by a world which will have to deal with an angry, righteous, and united Israel.

Read More by at Dry Bones .

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Gaza Conflict - Media Embedded With Islamists. So Be Wary Of Their Reports

Gaza Conflict – Media Embedded With Islamists. So Be Wary Of Their Reports

20121115_gaza_HAMAS_ROCKETS_2012 Mini

Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

20121115_gaza_hamas_rockets300How free are the reporters embedded with Hamas terrorists in Gaza free to see and to report?

HAMAS is not just targeting Israel­i civilians, threatening Gaz­ans and using them as humans shields.

It has another terror tactic: intim­idating foreign journalists…

Reporter Peter Stefanovic, of the Nine Network’s news, stationed in Gaza, received a surge of abuse and threats when he…

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The Ethanol Boondoggle

But Won’t Ethanol Help Stop Global Warming?

By Mark Alexander~

“Some are weatherwise, some are otherwise.” –Benjamin Franklin (1735)

Here in the mountains of east Tennessee, we distill corn mash to produce a product provincially known as Moonshine – because it is often produced and transported under cover of darkness. Arguably, it is a more useful and beneficial product than that toxic form of…

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Second Quarter GDP Grew 4% + More - Daily Digest

Second Quarter GDP Grew 4% + More – Daily Digest


The Patriot Post ~


“It is a duty certainly to give our sparings to those who want; but to see also that they are faithfully distributed, and duly apportioned to the respective wants of those receivers. And why give through agents whom we know not, to persons whom we know not, and in countries from which we get no account, where we can do it at short hand, to objects under our eye,…

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Climate Alarmists Never Quit!

Climate Alarmists Never Quit!

Global Warming Globe Mini

caruba_alan20080111By Alan Caruba ~

Cartoon -- Global Warming LiesIn the same way Americans are discovering that the Cold War that was waged from the end of World War Two until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 is not over, Americans continue to be subjected to the endless, massive, global campaign to foist the hoax of global warming–now called climate change—on everyone.

The campaign’s purpose to convince everyone that it is humans, not…

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Save The Children?


20080408_cline-e_crBy Edward Cline ~

20140729_hamaschildrenshield_LDiana West, author of American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character, delivers a one-two punch in her July 25th syndicated article, “Israel and the U.S.: Whose Survival Instinct is Stronger?

The subject is the use of children by terrorists in Gaza as “human shields,” and the use by President Barack Obama of children as “invasion shields” at the U.S. and Mexican…

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Ignore The New Obama Administration Report On Climate Change Action

Ignore The New Obama Administration Report On Climate Change Action

Global Warming PoliticsMini

Loris_NickBy Nicolas Loris ~

Global Warming PoliticsThe Obama administration released Tuesday a new report warningthat with accelerating climate change comes accelerating costs: Costs will increase by 40 percent each decade of inaction on climate change. The report fails to mention, however, that the administration’s climate policies come with much steeper price tags. Nor is there any action that will actually mitigate…

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I Wish Global Warming Alarmism Was Threatened With Extinction Instead

I Wish Global Warming Alarmism Was Threatened With Extinction Instead

Global Warming meltdown

Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Global Warming - Religion of the Stupid300Does anyone seriously believe this kind of alarmism any more?

EARTH’S sixth great extinction event has already begun. Now science is calling for urgent action to prevent life as we know it going the way of the dinosaurs…

One third of all life on Earth is now threatened or endangered.

In this same story about a “great extinction event” that “has already begun”, these details:


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Obama Strategizes for Immigration Fix + More - Daily Digest

Obama Strategizes for Immigration Fix + More – Daily Digest


The Patriot Post ~


“What country can preserve its liberties, if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.” –Thomas Jefferson, Letter to William Stephens Smith, 1787

TOP 5 RIGHT HOOKS Obama Strategizes for Immigration Fix

With Congress moving too slow for the legislator and justice in chief, Barack Obama…

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When Terrorists Become Pharmacists

Hezbollah hall of heroes.The first frame refers to Samir Kuntar, who brutally murdered the father and his 4-years old daughter in Israel. The middle frame refers to homicide attacks that terrorists from hezbollah, hamas and other terror groups are carrying out in Israel on the regular basis. The last frame refers to two bulldozer attacks on civilian citizens in Israel, in which at least three people were killed and dozens were wounded. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By James S. Robbins  ~  

Do you know where your medications come from? It might be from an international terrorist drug ring. A new study from the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism finds that terror group Hezbollah is “already involved in manufacturing and distributing counterfeit medications.” Institute director Boaz Ganor says that “Hezbollah is liable to use its production…

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Even The Liberal Media Realize Michael Moore Is a Hypocrite

Even The Liberal Media Realize Michael Moore Is a Hypocrite


From an email. –Al

Dear Grumpy,

It sure took them a long time to wake up and smell the hypocrisy!

But it looks like even the liberal media have finally figured out that Michael Moore is a total fraud.

The Media Research Center reported in a segment on NBC’s Today profiling the anti-capitalist film maker’s immense wealth..

Michael Moore at the 66th Venice International...

Michael Moore at the 66th Venice International Film Festival. (Photo…

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Israel’s “Disproportionate” Self-Defense

Israel’s “Disproportionate” Self-Defense

AA - Gaza Strip WarMini

caruba_alan20080111By Alan Caruba ~

AA - Gaza Strip War

A target in Gaza is hit

On Sunday, July 27, Eleanor Cliff, a member of The McLaughlin Group panel, referred to Israel’s “disproportionate” response to the thousands of rockets and missiles that Hamas has been firing at its citizens for months, if not years.

This is a common criticism of Israel, but it is far easier to make if you are living safely somewhere other than Israel and…

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Who’s Really Waging The ‘War On Science’?

Who’s Really Waging The ‘War On Science’?

Global Warming 01
When it comes to attacking climate scientists, the alarmist Left has the market cornered

Driessenprofile2By Paul Driessen ~Cartoon -- Global Warming Lies

Left-leaning environmentalists, media and academics have long railed against the alleged conservative “war on science.” They augment this vitriol with substantial money, books, documentaries and conference sessions devoted to “protecting” global warming alarmists from supposed “harassment”…

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